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Abortion Doula Services

Nonjudgemental support, unwavering advocacy

As a full-spectrum birthwork organization, Empowered is committed to supporting pregnant people regardless of the outcome of the pregnancy. We acknowledge that every person's experience & needs are unique, and we are committed to meeting our clients exactly where they are with nonjudgemental support & evidence-based resources.

An abortion doula provides emotional & informational support, comfort measures, and advocacy. Prior to the procedure, your doula is available to answer questions, calm nerves, and explore methods of support that best serve you.

Abortion Doula Support

Empowered offers pay-what-you-can abortion doula services with no one turned away for inability to pay.

For surgical abortions in a doctor's office or clinic, your doula will be by your side from the waiting room to the recovery room, as well as providing phone/text support following the procedure.

If you are having a medical abortion, your doula will be by your side (or available via phone) when you take the medication, and offer phone/text support in the following hours & days.

How does an abortion doula offer support?

An abortion can be a nerve-wracking or triggering experience for many people, and unfortunately many clinics are not as focused on patient care & advocacy as they should be. An abortion doula is a designated support person who centers your needs & feelings, helps clarify misconceptions, and can hold your hand for comfort or simply talk about anything else as a distraction.

Empowered strives to normalize any & all feelings you may experience before, during & after your abortion, and to de-stigmatize the experience in general.


For more information (and as a great resource generally) check out NYC-based The Doula Project's free zine 'DIY Doula: Self-Care for Before, During + After Your Abortion.'

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