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[1] Expecting Better, Emily Oster (2018)

More about Lauren (they/she)
   Owner, Empowered Birthwork Services

Hello! My name is Lauren Hansen (they/she), I am a queer, full-spectrum birthworker serving the greater Chicago area. I read health economist Emily Oster's 'Expecting Better' while in graduate school and was immediately drawn to the role of the birth doula (fewer Cesarean births, shorter labors, and less instrument use during birth?! Amazing!) [1]. After more research, I decided to reroute my career path and pursue DTI's Full-Spectrum program.

I'm passionate about creating space for people to express themselves, prioritize their personal autonomy, and receive dignified, empowering reproductive care. My goal is to honor & support your vision for yourself and your family, whether that's seeking gender-affirming fertility support, preparing for labor with an OB or midwife, or deciding not to become a parent at all. All people deserve respectful, affirming support - I particularly love supporting queer, poly, trans, and single clients.

In my free time I love roller blading by the lake, cuddling with my two kitties, and tending to my indoor plants. 


  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support Program

    • February 2022

    • Infant, child, and adult CPR/AED certifications

*Lauren is fully vaccinated & boosted against COVID-19.

Read about Empowered's COVID-19 policies here.*

About Empowered Birthwork Services

Empowered is an independently-owned doula practice serving pregnant, birthing & postpartum parents in the Chicago area. I supportclients through the whole spectrum of pregnancy and birth with an evidence-based & holistically-minded approach. My support is centered around client education and empowerment, powered by reliable, open communication.


Reproductive care often has mental, emotional, physical & financial impacts on individuals and families; I believe providing evidence-based resources, non-judgemental emotional support, and space to explore your preferences & options are vital to the doula role in any context.

Empowered aims to...​

  • Connect clients with relevant, evidence-based resources

  • Celebrate clients' identity & autonomy

  • Provide culturally humble support to clients of all backgrounds

  • Expand doula accessibility for all

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