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Postpartum Doula Services

Reliable, knowledgeable support during the fourth trimester

A postpartum doula is a professional caregiver & support person for the birthing parent, partner, newborn & household in the 12 weeks following delivery. They help ease the transition into parenthood, assisting with postpartum recovery, body and/or bottle feedinglight household tasks, and allowing you to take a much-needed nap or shower.

Postpartum doulas also help refer parents to external resources when necessary, like a lactation consultant or postpartum mood disorder specialist.

How exactly does a postpartum doula support new parents & families?

In addition to being an infant caregiver, a postpartum doula is a sounding board & emotional support for new parents. Your doula can help you process & review your birth experience (especially if they were present as birth doula!) or address concerns you have about parenthood and new baby care. Postpartum doulas are also trained to keep an eye on potential symptoms of postpartum mood disorders and help refer clients to professional support when needed.

A postpartum visit will generally begin with a run-down of the last 24 hours. Your doula will want to know: How have you been feeling? How is baby eating & sleeping? How can I be most helpful for you today? Together we will come up with a plan for the visit, and your doula will get to work!

Specific tasks may include:

  • Delivery recovery support

  • Infant feeding assistance (body or bottle feeding)

  • Meal or snack preparation

  • Dishes & kitchen cleanup

  • Bottle washing & sterilization

  • Sweeping or vacuuming

  • Sorting or organizing baby clothes & supplies

  • Further tasks should be discussed & cleared with your doula!

Postpartum Doula Support

Empowered offers postpartum support at a rate of $35/hr. Each visit is a minimum of 4 hours.

We will work together on scheduling & agree on a base number of hours at contract signing.

Overnight support is also available with shifts from 9pm-5am or 11pm-7am. 

*Please note postpartum support is generally available for the first 12 weeks following birth

as this is the period of infant age & postpartum recovery that postpartum doulas are trained in*

I have friends & family nearby - how would a doula's support differ from theirs?

Your postpartum doula's support is unique because they are trained to help with postpartum healing & emotional processing, to care for newborns & provide parents with extra resources, and to thoughtfully & efficiently support your household. Your doula's job is to come into your home with a positive attitude and zero judgement - which aren't always things you can count on from guests, even when they are loving & well-intentioned.

Friends & family often respond to the birth of a new baby with a call, gift, meal, visit, or set of helping hands. Sometimes managing this extra activity unintentionally places additional stress on new parents. Your doula will help facilitate a smooth, loving transition by communicating with you directly about your needs and guiding helping hands when needed.

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